Five reasons to be kind to people at polling booths

A FEDERAL election is looming and pre-poll voting has started.

This means there's a good chance politicians and their supporters are out and about ready to ask for your vote.

Of course, people who are handing out should never be rough or pushy (that's just not on!).

Here five reasons to be kind to the people handing out brochures.

1. They're probably innocent "victims" in all of it

When you're involved in an election you see that many helpers are family and friends.

Most of them probably have more important places to be, but give their time to support their loved ones.

2. It's hard work

Whether it's hot and sunny or cold and windy, standing around handing out and greeting the public is tiring.

Why not have a quick joke and share a laugh.

3. People running for office are trying to make a change

Regardless of what side of politics you're on or whether you believe someone is sincere, you have to give a round of applause to those who are giving it a go.

It takes hard work, money and dedication. Plus some guts to put yourself out there wide open to scrutiny.

4. Elections mean we live in a democratic country

Some would say we're very lucky to live in a country where elections are a thing.

They are hectic (for all involved whether voter or candidate), but they mean we have a democratic say in how the country is run.

5. They're giving you information

Will Candiate X do all they said they would once elected? Will they be a great leader or will they let us down? That part is hard to know as when it comes to politics, the proof is in the pudding.

But leaflets and how to votes give you a little insight (at least) into what people will say they will provide should they get your vote.

It's better to take a chance than to pop in a random number without any information at all.

And if you really want to warm hearts - hand your flyers back. You've no idea how happy this makes people who are handing out.

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