Fishos defend prices in call to ‘buy local’

THE Professional Fishermen's Association is encouraging seafood consumers on the Coffs Coast to purchase local seafood and support their local fishing fleet through a new social media campaign.

With close to 3000 likes already and posts reaching over 23,000 people, the campaign has sparked a rift between the commercial fishing body and Fishing World Magazine, which has criticised the message of promoting 'buy local seafood', saying seafood prices are the real issue behind people buying imported seafood catch.

In reply, the PFA issued a statement yesterday.

It said Fishing World Magazine writer John Newbery made some interesting statements in a recent article on the campaign.

"We can buy perfectly tasty fish from New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Africa at a much lower price than we are asked to pay for our local product," Mr Newbery wrote.

The PFA said the magazine had "lost the whole understanding of the importance of buying local - not just seafood, but Australian produce".

"Mr Newbery states 'fresh' in the era of jet transport takes on a whole new meaning, when in transport time terms South East Asia is as close to Sydney as Yamba," the PFA said.

"The importance of the overall 'buy local' to regional communities and Australia is not just about fresh - it is about supporting your local communities and primary producers.

"The flow-through social and economic benefits of local primary producers, including our seafood industry, to the communities and greater Australia should never be downplayed."

To support the campaign go to and have your say on prices.

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