Don't tempt thieves

IT’S the busiest time of year for Coffs Coast shoppers as well as the thieves who prey on them.

Coffs Harbour police have reported an increase in thefts across the city during the holiday season and they’re urging residents and visitors to be on guard so they can stay safe and reduce opportunities for crime.

“Being careful and alert and sharing information can help prevent crime and make the community safer,” said Senior Constable Dave Fish, the crime prevention officer for Coffs Harbour police.

“By leaving valuables in an unattended motor vehicle, the opportunity to become a victim is increased.

“Don’t tempt thieves by leaving valuables in a vehicle. Even jackets, mobile phones and loose change can be targets for thieves.”

Const. Fish issued the following tips:

  •  don’t put your bag on top of your vehicle while unloading shopping;
  •  don’t put your bag on counters or in shopping trolleys;
  •  lock your car doors to avoid your bag being stolen at traffic lights;
  •  if you are harassed, attacked or robbed, tell the police;
  •  when you are at home lock all doors;
  •  leave spare keys with trusted friends, never in hiding places; and
  •  keep a photographic record of your jewellery and engrave all portable items with your name, address and licence number.

Const. Fish said thieves often targeted parked cars at shopping centres, beaches and in poorly lit streets.

“To protect yourself from becoming a victim of theft from a motor vehicle, police advise to remove anything that may be of value from the vehicle.”

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