Finals still went ahead

AFTER all the rain of last week causing massive damage to people's houses and businesses it was amazing to get enough playable courts for the finals of the Saturday morning junior tennis competition.

But it was probably what a lot of kids needed to escape the misery of the week's events.

The final of division 1 was the only one that was not played due to lack of courts. It will be played between Michael Brooks and Jason Robson at a date to be decided in the next week.

In division 2 the final was a classic encounter.

James Brown, Duncan Brown and Tre O'Brien played Conlan Brehaut, Michel Purton and Cameron Ross.

James and Duncan showed that brothers can play together by getting their team off to a great start. They won 6-2 by winning some good points at the net.

Michael got his team back into the match with a hard-fought 5-3 singles win.

Michael then teamed with Cameron to win their doubles 6-2 to bring the game to all square with a singles to go between the two No.1 players of each team. This set featured long hard rallies and was a fitting finale for this final.

James had been the dominant player in this division all term but he had to really fight to finish with a 5-3 win and a 25-23 win for his team.

James also won the singles percentage by winning a whopping 84 per cent of games played. Well done.

The division 3 final was a little more clear cut. Jake Howe, Kyra Carlyon and Natalie Dierrick proved too strong for Mat Beckett, Adrian Purton and Amy Beckett.

Kyra and Natalie got their team off to a flyer with an excellent 7-1 doubles win.

They played good mistake-free tennis to out rally their opponents. Kyra also won her singles 5-3 and combined with Jake to win her other doubles 5-3 to cap off a great morning for her.

They won 30 to 18. With all but one of the sets being 5-3 or 4-4, the end scoreline does not reflect the closeness of the final. The singles percentage winner for this division was Mat Beckett.

He consistently turned up each week and performed well in his singles to win 79 per cent of the games that he played.

In division 4 the final was between Henin (Abbie Jacobs, Kelsi Govan, Brendan Floyd) and Williams (Mat Thompson, Cameron Bone, Jordan Vanden Bosch).

Abbie Jacobs proved the difference between the two teams with a resounding 7-1 upset win in her singles.

She played too steady for her opponent who had done very well all term in his singles but found Abbie too good in the final.

Cameron kept up his good performances this term by winning his singles 5-3 but Brendan put the result beyond doubt when he won his singles 6-2.

The Henin team won 28 to 20. Mat Thompson was the most consistent singles player throughout the whole term winning 69 per cent of the games that he played.

In Division 5 the final was between Newcombe (Natalie Purton, Kyra Dickens, Gracie Hemer) and Laver (Jaiden Smith, Allister Brehaut, Noah Ross).

The Newcombe team had been undefeated all term but anything can happen in a final and it did.

Allister came out and played good consistent tennis to win his singles 8-0 and put the cat among the pigeons.

Gracie then did her best to try to peg back some of those games winning her singles 6-2 to make the difference 4 four.

When Natalie and Gracie teamed well to win the second last set 6-2 there was only two games difference between the teams.

Allister capped off a great morning for him by teaming with Noah to win that last set 6-2 and give their team an upset 27-21 win.

Gracie Hemer gained compensation for her team losing by winning the singles percentage winner award for this division.

She won 78 per cent of the games that she played which was a good achievement in her first competition and means she will go up a division next term.

Next term's competition will start on Saturday, May 9 next term. All new players wanting to play next term need to contact Tony Polack 0428 454 928 or Col Dunn 6652 6419 before Friday, April 17.

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