IT IS probably not a description most Aussies would be happy to own up to.

But "fat, sick and nearly dead" is one Joe Cross, now 45, confronted head-on before embarking on a 60-day juice fast which not only changed his life, but is now changing the lives of thousands.

Like many Aussie blokes, the Sydney futures trader admits he was more worried about upsizing his house than downsizing his belly.

Despite a healthy, sport-filled youth, the successful investor soon started enjoying the excesses of life including mountains of processed food, alcohol and little exercise.

It was not long before Joe found himself packing on the kilos - and lots of them.

Joe was 90 kilos when he started his business at age 28.

Four years later he weighed 110 kilograms. By the time he was 40, he was more than 140 kilos and constantly sick.

Joe battled chronic urticaria or severe hives, leaving him with painful rashes and welts.

To cope, he had to take a strong steroid, every day.

Looking in the mirror, he says he had his 'aha' moment, realising that his excessive weight and high cholesterol and blood pressure were very much his own doing.

After seeking many remedies, he decided to do an experiment, seeing what would happen if he consumed only plant foods for 60 days.

To ensure the nutrients were readily absorbed he juiced everything.

He made his fight public, taking a film crew with him to document his journey as he shared his radical 'reboot' therapy with more than 300 overweight Americans.

In the 60 days, he lost 37 kilos - and has managed to keep it off by sticking to a healthier diet powered by fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds.

Along the way, he met a trucker who weighed almost 200 kilos (440 pounds) who later joined the revolution - becoming the unplanned star of the movie.

The film has already been watched by a million Americans while he's now embarking on an Aussie tour to share his success.

More than 165,000 have already joined the juice challenge at

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