Sapphire’s Beachstone Cafe.
Sapphire’s Beachstone Cafe.

Families and residents react to the news

THE public has until October 11 to make a submission on Cougle Investments Pty Ltd's development application to convert Beachstone Cafe into a childcare centre.

News on The Advocate's website revealing the lodging of the development application to Coffs Harbour City Council created a large volume of reader comments.

The company, which developed the North Sapphire Beach Estate continues to own the Beachstone Cafe and has proposed the development.

Here's what readers had to say:

"I really hope that it doesn't happen. Such a lovely park and cafe to go to."

Sarah O'Hanlon

"As if there aren't enough centres … can we just keep that lovely space for relaxing. Unbelievable." Renee Hall

"What a silly idea to have a daycare centre right near the beach. Great little park."

Greg Booth

"Leave the restaurant as it is. Such a lovely relaxing environment." Bernadette Kohler

"And people bought in that area because of the cafe and park." Kla Mac

"Don't want to believe that, common sense would say No! It's a great park near the beach for kids, parents and visitors to take advantage of being so close to the water. Leave it as it is." Cheryl Mainey

"I think you will all find this is the property owners who want to do this. I first heard this idea two or three years ago." Mark McLeod

"Please no, a great cafe and location" David Findlay

"What a shame, such a lovely location." Sharon Jarman

"In this nanny state I doubt a childcare centre could be permitted to be that close to the ocean." Linda Maree Johns

"Wow what a lot of misinformation getting thrown around. Just to set a couple of things straight. This is a private building. The land the park is on will always remain a park.

I know the people that run the cafe personally and I hope it stays a cafe, it's awesome. So instead of throwing comments around let's go and support Beachstone Cafe. Grab a coffee, stay for lunch, have dinner." Bryn Goode

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