The post shared to the Animals are people, too. Facebook page.
The post shared to the Animals are people, too. Facebook page. Contributed

Fake vegan invasion Facebook post exposed

TWO HUNDRED vegan activists will block roads, invade Toowoomba businesses that are involved in 'animal genocide' and throw paint in customers faces next week.

Those were threats made on the Facebook page 'Animals are people, too.' yesterday.

Dozens of people reacted angrily to the post, calling for others to commit acts of violence against vegan activists who undertook such an activity.

But the one thing most people did not realise is the post and the page are satirical.

The 'Animals are people, too.' page shares extreme vegan activist views in a way that makes fun of the vegan cause.

In their latest post the page made light of recent animal activist activities invading feedlots. The page threatened it would block roads around specific stores and throw paint at customers.  

"Watch out Toowoomba, us super vegans have planned this out very well," the post read.

"Sometime next week, over 200 animal activists are going to flood one of these stores as they contribute to the genocide of innocent animals.

"The new laws have only stated that we can't trespass on farms or industrial meat works, but not entering shops! Haha."

Several photos of Toowoomba stores were included in the post, including Fish n Bits, The Lazy Fisherman, Angliss Meats, BCF and a gun store.

"Roads will be blocks, doors will be blocked, fire exits will be blocked, customers will be called fascists and have paint thrown at them," the post read.

"This protest, be it peaceful or not, will change the way Toowoomba Fascists look at animal welfare.

"Hey Mayor Paul Antonio, time for you to be a vegan or I will simply take your job! I have the votes already.

"You cannot defeat Vegan Antifa Total Liberation, we are unstoppable and will stop at nothing until all shops that contribute to animal genocide are shut down."

The post was signed off by the page's moderator, who calls themselves Saint Sam.

For those that don't know, Antifa is the name used to describe militant anti-fascist groups.

Several far-right Facebook pages shared the post as if it were a real threat.

The page Patriots Toowoomba and Region fell for the post, sharing it with the comment "antifa filth are heading to these places".

Perry Adrelius, the Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party candidate for Groom at the upcoming election, also shared the satirical post on his page.

"We must protect our local businesses from this blatant and outrageous political and economic terrorism," Mr Adrelius said.

"Toowoomba will not accept Political Terrorism."

Several people also responded to the post, sharing it to pages, and calling for acts of violence against vegan activists.

"Block the road I'm driving on and I will run you over, roads are for cars/trucks not plant eating f****** that have nothing better to do," one person who shared the post said.

"I hope the gun shop shoots them on accident," another person who shared the post said.

 "I think there will be a few vegans in hospital," a commenter said.

 "Bring it, I'm coming down, this should be good," another commenter said.

"Hope it's the gun shop, I'm sure they'll have over 200 rounds for you grubs," another commenter said.

The moral of the story? Don't believe everything you read on Facebook.

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