Genevieve Dellar with her artwork in the Reflection Room at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus.
Genevieve Dellar with her artwork in the Reflection Room at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus. The Coffs Coast Advocate

Faith is reflected in art

IN Genevieve Dellar's artwork Solace Wind, religious icons of faith are set in the tangible world of a Coffs Harbour estuary.

The inner light of the icons blends with the intricate patterns of air and light on earth and water.

Simple and complex interactions merge and diverge, representing humanity's connections.

Its intent is to aid prayer, meditation and reflection, with the belief that there is more to reality than that experienced by the five senses.

Solace Wind was commissioned from the artist for the Reflection Room at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus by the hospital's late manager of corporate business and services, Geoff Hampton and is now in place.

“As the Reflection Room is an interior room, I felt it was also important to have connection with the natural world in which the Coffs Health Campus exists,” Genevieve said.

The background comes from Boambee Creek estuary, incorporating the four classical elements, air, (fire) light, earth and water and representing the land in which we live, with the footprints on the sand symbolising our human journey.

The icons' array is in order of the spiritual faiths' emergence in history, with the Jewish menorah or seven-branched candlestick, said to represent the burning bush as seen by Moses on Mt Sinai and the Jewish prayer the Shema followed by the Buddhist Dharma Chakra, with its eight spokes represent the noble eight-fold path.

The risen or empty cross of Christ represents atonement, spiritual redemption and resurrection and is surmounted by the dove of peace.

The Muslim Bismillah is a calligraphic prayer, which uses a notable Islamic art with spiritual significance. Sikhism is represented with the Eck Ohm Ka 'God is one' which appears on and in Sikh temples with God is True and God is Wonderful

The three panels of the digital media artwork are based on a photograph of water ripples across the sand, with other symbols and elements drawn in.

The images are illuminated by a light depicted shining from the direction it would shine if the room was open to natural sunlight.

The colours used are those with significance to different religions, like Buddhism's lapis lazuli blue for 'omniscient wisdom and compassion'.

The artist, who worked in conjunction with hospital chaplain Lenore Moule, has also added affirmations and said she wanted the work to have value not just to those who had religious faith, but to everyone who used the room.

The final digital image is laminated within a sandwich of toughened glass.

Genevieve said it had required quite a lot of research, while mounting the panels on the wall had proved a considerable technical challenge.

The panels which weigh 30 kilograms a square metre are mounted on a newly-constructed wall.

The Reflection Room is beside the main entrance of the base hospital.

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