Plan health goals.
Plan health goals. iStock

Failing to plan a surefire way to fail

Health and fitness: In our chaotic world there are so many areas of our lives that require multiple tasks, jobs, and activities to be done.

We need to tick so many boxes when it comes to our work, family, friends, health, wellness, and hobbies; just to name a few.

We often find ourselves focusing on getting our work right and maybe our other appointments and activities; which means, at the same time, we fall short in areas that fall outside of these priorities.

Questioning the potential reasoning behind this, exposes an important process, the process of scheduling.

Many of us are good at keeping our calendar and diary up to date with our work tasks and appointments, particularly the high priority ones in life that we cannot miss. As a result, we don't miss a beat and we achieve the desired result and outcome in these areas.

Let us expand the power of scheduling to the wider areas of our lives to achieve these things we tend to miss and de-prioritise on the fly as we get busy.

Expand our diary and calendars to outside our nine to five and schedule all the facets we are keen to lock down in our lives.

Block out times within your week for physical activity, connecting with family and friends, hobbies, nutritious meals, shutdown routines, and other components of your life you want to stop missing and making excuses for.

When it comes to life, if you are not scheduling your time you are merely giving it up to chance.

Dial your schedule in so you can control your day, week, month and life. As the old phrase says, fail to plan, plan to fail.

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