Swimming with humpback whales.
Swimming with humpback whales. Rachel Vercoe

Face to face with gentle giants

THE winds backed off to a gentle breeze, the swell dropped and the water was finally clear off the coast making for a spectacular day on and in the ocean.

It becomes a common sound for divers during whale season, while submerged, the songs of the humpback whales is always an exciting moment.

During a drift while out at sea spearfishing, I heard our boatie, my mother, yell out there are whales coming towards you.

In the water with my sister, GoPro in hand, we eagerly awaited a moment we hoped would happen.

Out of the crystal blue waters, a speck of white flashed in the distance before we could make out the shape of not one, but three humpback whales heading towards us.

Wanting to spend some time with them, as they swam by at a distance I did my best version of a whale noise through my snorkel and to my surprise, it worked.

They gracefully turned in unison, dived under our boat and did another pass by my excited sister and I.

In awe, we watched and dived down, trying to fly with gentle giants before they continued on their south bound journey, leaving us with a memory to last a lifetime.

Do you want to have your own memorable encounter with a humpback whale?

Jetty dive are now operating whale swims where visitors have the opportunity to jump in the water with the gentle giants.

Visit jettydive.com.au

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