Eye injuries more prevalent

EVERY two days a child suffers an eye injury.

NSW Ambulance released the shocking statistic in the hope Coffs Coast parents can be better prepared.

“Across the state there have been 438 reported eye injuries since the start of 2010,” an Ambulance spokesman said.

“The majority of these patients are male and 21 per cent of patients are aged under 17.

“Ambulance would like to remind the community about the impact of eye injuries and encourage everyone to take advice on how to cope with an eye injury.”

Here’s what you should do if the worst happens:

never attempt to remove or exert pressure on an impaled object caught in the eye;

do not replace an extruded eye (an eye that has come out of its socket) but support it in a dampened cloth;

gently rinse the eye if dirt, liquid or smoke is causing irritation;

if there is bleeding around the eye or eyelid, use direct pressure on the bleeding but not on the eyeball;

remove contact lenses if appropriate and apply some form of clean pad or shield to the injured eye;

stay calm and dial triple-0, and;

if possible gently raise the head of the patient and remember it is common for people with eye injuries to feel nauseous or to vomit.

“We encourage everyone to learn first-aid,” the spokesman said

“This can give you the confidence to assist when someone is injured or ill.”

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