Exporter plea: NBN now

A SUNSHINE Coast exporter is frustrated that repeated talk of boosting business growth locally is not being supported by the rollout of infrastructure.

Ross Gorfine, who has operated Cathodic Anodes Australasia since 1987, is particularly frustrated at not being able to have high speed broadband connected to his Kunda Park business.

"We've been battling this for some time, but it really only came to a head 12 months ago - we went through all the rigmarole and spoke to the various members, councillors, even the Communications Minister, and it just goes around in circles," Mr Gorfine said.

His business manufactures alloy anodes for corrosion prevention on boat and ship hulls, jetties, under

water pipelines and other sub-sea structures.

The company has 12 full-time employees, a world-wide client list of 700, and it exports the majority of what it manufactures to interstate and international customers.

It needs internet speeds of 60Mbps to make use of Voice over Internet Protocol phones and to share documents with its Melbourne office, but its best speeds so far have been about 30Mbps.

"The lack of service does inhibit our ability to get things happening - it's just a pain in the butt.

"The one and only option we had was that Telstra put in a dedicated fibre optic line - if it worked, it was going to cost us $2000 per month plus our normal billing," he said. "For a small to medium enterprise, it's a lot to pay for our communications."

The council said the NBN roll-out was "a significant extension on the locations previously identified, although they do not yet cover the whole Coast".

Michael Whereat, the council's broadband and digital economy manager, said the council was concerned about the broadband needs of businesses in the region, but it was ultimately NBN Co that selected the future deployment areas.

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