Ex-miner in $3m injuries claim

A FORMER miner is suing an insurer for $3 million after a drunken motorcyclist fleeing police ploughed into him as he walked across the road.

The driver of the Honda Fireblade motorbike was allegedly driving up to 150kmh when Troy Robert McAndrew tried to jump out of his way on an Emerald road in December 2008.

The Emerald father riding the bike died not long after the crash. According to court documents submitted to the Rockhampton Supreme Court, Mr McAndrew has been permanently injured.

Many of the injuries were to the right side of Mr McAndrew's body and the documents state he has suffered nerve impairment, burns, spinal and dental injuries.

It states Mr McAndrew has already paid $300,000 in medical treatment and nursing care.

The 36-year-old and his friend had just gotten out of a maxi taxi about 2am and were walking across the road when he saw the motorbike and attempted to jump out of the way.

The alcohol and anti-depressant medication the motorcyclist had consumed slowed his reaction time significantly, according to the documents.

Mr McAndrew is suing Suncorp Metway on the grounds they are responsible for the motorcyclist's negligence.

The company admitted the crash was the driver's fault in a letter on July 30, 2009.

Mr McAndrew says he has lost more than $200,000 in wages after leaving his job as a BMA coal miner and is claiming more than $1 million for money he would have earned up until the age of 65 and for other things he needs.

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