Erika's colourful creations could be yours

DRAWING on influences from her native Germany, adopted Australia and several places in between, Sawtell artist Erika Brosig is holding a sale of her diverse artwork this weekend.

Colour texture and light are her inspiration, impressionism a foundation influence and all mediums her palette. “I enjoy painting with oils, acrylics, watercolours, mixed media and collage,” Erika said.

“Right now, I'm exploring abstract landscapes and abstract figurative art - and marketing my 'balloon cards'- a set of 35 inspirational cards featuring balloons on one side and 'words-of-

wisdom' quotes on the other. You put your own story to cards as you choose from the pack.”.

Erika migrated from Germany to Australia in 1980. She lived in Albury before moving to Coffs Harbour about six years ago. But she has also travelled throughout Europe, lived in Nicaragua, Central America and in 2001, spent three weeks painting in Tuscany, Italy.

“You connect with a country when you paint it - you see it through different eyes.”

In each of the countries she has visited or lived in, Ericka has been influenced by the local people and the landscapes.

“I began my creative career in Germany, influenced by the impressionists such as Matisse, Monet, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustuv Klimt and Van Gogh.

“Whereas in Nicaragua, I enjoyed their spontaneous approach to art - the simple shapes and colour used by the locals to tell stories of daily life.”

In Italy, Erika aimed to capture the beauty, peace and colour of the Tuscan people and landscapes. In Australia, she was at first overwhelmed, then inspired by the vastness of the open landscape. She has also been won over by Aboriginal art and the approach to documenting dreamtime stories.

“But whether I'm on the streets of Florence, the beautiful canals of Venice, or outback Australia, my fascination is with colours and a desire to bring out emotions and memories.”

Today, the beach at Sawtell provides her with inspiration. “I work from the heart. Every day is different and every day, the ocean offers me something different too.”

Erika said she is also a 'complementary therapist'- offering a different perspective on life, with people looking inward to find their own answers. The balloon cards assist in that process. “I dreamt about the cards and it's been a six-year journey to bring them to fruition.”

This busy lady also holds art classes in her home studio, with about four or five students, teaching them how to use colour. “I have found many people can draw and paint, but some find it difficult to mix colours and/or put them together effectively. We explore that,” she said. • Open days at Erika Brosig's studio, 39 Forest Close, Boambee, are being held 10am-4pm, this Friday and Saturday, December 19 and 20.

On sale are framed and canvas paintings of various subjects in varied mediums, in prices ranging from $15 upwards. Erika's Balloon Cards are also available for sale at the open day, or they can be purchased at Crystal Colours in Moonee Street; Pages Bookshop in the Plaza or at Lightstream Health Clinic in Sawtell.

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