Environmental activists rally in Bellingen

ENVIRONMENTAL activists are holding a rally in Bellingen this morning to protest logging operations in forests surrounding the village.

The rally is taking place today, on the International Day of Forests, at the corner of Church and Hyde Streets.

Forests surrounding the headwaters of the Kalang River will soon be subject to logging operations by Forestry Corporation of NSW.

"The steep headwater forests are at the furthest distance from timber mills and are currently providing clean water, carbon sequestration and protection of internationally recognised biodiversity features," a Bellingen Environment Centre spokesperson said.

"They should not be intensively logged in this day and age."

The spokesperson said the forests west of Bellingen is home to the endangered Rufous Scrub-bird, Atrichornis rufescens.

"People travel from around the world to listen to the distinctive call of this species," they said.


The endangered Rufous Scrub-bird.
The endangered Rufous Scrub-bird. Michael Morcombe

"As a result of the threats to the Kalang headwaters forests Kalang and Bellinger community are left with no choice but to blockade, to take non-violent direct action and demand that our headwaters are left intact for our community."

The activists are also pushing for the establishment of the Great Koala National Park to prevent the 'decimation' of NSW's koala population.

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