Entrepreneurship alive and well on the Coffs Coast

IN PROFILE: Joel Leske of Mr Intolerables.
IN PROFILE: Joel Leske of Mr Intolerables. ETC

THE Coffs Coast is renowned for its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and close proximity to pristine rainforests.

However it is also gaining a reputation as a region that nurtures innovation and talent.

The Business Advisors at ETC work alongside many of these innovators daily and has assisted a number of new start-ups which enjoy a distinct point of difference.

We take a look at one of these businesses helping to put the Coast on the map as a region that nurtures a culture of entrepreneurship and talent:


Joel Leske of Mr Intolerables

Through trial and error Joel overcame a range of food intolerances which lead him to identify a niche in the market. Around one in four Australians suffer a food intolerance of some description and as a solution, Joel has developed a range of fresh, healthy meal choices that not only taste great, but also accommodate a wide range of common food intolerances. Joel's food is imaginative and based on totally fresh ingredients, and can be delivered to your door or place of work. To view the range of products and meals, visit

ETC is now offering a new program to give potential young entrepreneurs the chance to explore opportunities to start their own business.


Exploring Being My Own Boss offers a series of relevant workshops conducted over two weeks (25 hours per week) and is fully subsidised by the Australian Government.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Getting started
  • Idea validation
  • Branding and design
  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance

So if you have a business idea, or dream of being self-employed, you should consider this move as the place to start your own venture.

The program begins 20 March so register your interest in Exploring being My Own Boss today. Contact an ETC Business Advisor on 02 6648 5400.

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