Juniors surfing season winds up

COMPETITORS were greeted with kinder surf and bluer skies upon their return to Nambucca Heads for the Newcastle Permanent Building Society North Coast Junior Branch Championships last Sunday.

This event signals the end of competition for the junior surf lifesavers for the season and a farewell to the junior ranks for the under 14 members who will flow on to the senior competition next season.

In the premier event of the carnival The Adam Neville Memorial Shield under 14 open and under 14 female board rescue, Coffs Harbour secured the double with Tyler Partland and Kyle Beavis securing the open title and Lilli Smyth and Sarah Lumley teaming up to take out the female event.

Coffs Harbour had a brilliant day in the water and on the sand with a very strong team winning the Championship on 659 points from Woolgoolga 433, Sawtell 263, Nambucca Heads 165, Urunga 149, Bellinger Valley North Beach 123 and Minnie Water Wooli 29 points.

After a spectacular march past display which Sawtell once again took out, opportunity was taken to introduce the branch finalists of the Junior Surf Lifesaver of the Year to those assembled.

Erica Farag, manager from Newcastle Permanent Building Society was on hand to present towels and bags to each finalist and of course trophies to Hannah Iredale (Nambucca Heads) and Nick Johnston (Woolgoolga).

The next official proceeding was equally exciting with the presentation of a large cheque from Lorenz Beckette, centre manager Park Beach Plaza, not only large in size but large in dollars with $23,000 being handed over to the branch to be divided equalling among the eight clubs.

This represents proceeds raised from the Plaza Christmas activities throughout December.

As it was their final junior year, we'll start off with the under 14 results.

Sarah Lumley (Coffs) and Tyler Partland (Coffs) took out the U14 ironman events, Hannah Iredale (Nam) U14 female swim, Tyler U14 male swim, Tjade Groot under 14 board and Sarah Lumley female under 14 board.

On the sand Abbie Jacobs got her double in under 14 flags and sprints while Jeb Freeman (Woo) was first across the line in the under 14 beach sprint and Damien Attwood (Coffs) secured first in the under 14 male flags.

Carla Westwood (Coffs) earnt a double in the under 13 female board and ironman while Jessica Carah (Coffs) finished strongly to take out under 13 female swim.

Gilbert Schweikert (Woo) was just too strong on the line for team-mate Josh O'Brien in the under 13 ironman and board but Josh got his own back in the under 13 swim.

Local knowledge helped Lachlan McRae take both flags and beach sprint in under 13 and Brodie Ellis (Coffs) was also dominant over the sand, bagging her double of flags and sprint for under 13 females.

Lauren Dam (Saw) continued her excellent form this year with wins in under 12 swim, board, ironman and beach sprint but was tipped out in the under 12 flags by Isabelle Underwood (Woo).

Zac Freuden (Uru) is just as fast in salt water as he is in chlorine with wins in under 12 ironman and swim with Zach Donnelly (Woo) spoiling his trifecta but taking the win in under 12 board.

Matthew Parker (Woo) also took double points with his win in the under 12 beach sprint and flag events.

Naomi Howe (Uru) was victorious in under 11 female flags while Jacqui Tucker (Woo) mowed all down on her way to win under 11 beach sprints.

Kurt Nicol (Coffs) was in great form to take out under 11 mal beach flags and sprints.

The under 11 female competitors were extremely close in all water events, with Brooke Ingram (Saw) taking first place in the under 11 ironman, Kassey Reeves under 11 board, Madeline Carah (Coffs), first place in the swim.

This is an age group to keep an eye on next year with many talented young ladies honing their surf skills.

Jedd Mitchell celebrated his under 11 ironman win, Tarun Mills Izard (Woo) his under 11 board and Lachlan O'Rielly his under 11 swim event.

Again it may have been local knowledge that gave Anna McCullagh (Nam) an advantage in winning the under 10 board and swim while Amanda Hyson (Woo) took first place under 10 beach sprint and Taylor Bay (Coffs) under 10 flags.

Jonah Mitchell (Bel) put in a big paddle to secure his first place in the under 10 board while Hayden Thurtell (Min) made the long trip all worth while with his blue ribbon in the under 10 male swim.

Declan Leaney (Coffs) was too strong in under 10 sprint and Jeremy Armstrong (Bel) first place in under 10 beach flags.

The under 9 is a very talented bunch with Ky Kinslea (Coffs) winning male swim and board, Kate Thorn (Uru) female sprint and flags, David Nicol (Coffs) male U9 sprint and flags, Kate Fry (Uru) female swim and Claudia Charles (Coffs) under 9 female board.

Amber Sinclair was our fastest female under 8 winning the beach flags and sprints and Zac Young (Min) the fastest under 8 male winning his sprint and flag events, however, the water belonged to Sawtell with Abbi McConnachie (Saw) winning female under 8 wade and Josh Reeves (Saw) the under 8 male wade.

Woolgoolga dominated in the beach relays winning under 8, 12, 13 and 14 while the under 9 relay went to Coffs Harbour. Bellinger Valley-North Beach very excitedly won the under 10 and Coffs again too strong in the under 11s and the all-age relay.

The Bellinger Valley under 10s were on fire also winning under 10 swim team with Sawtell taking honours in under 9 swim team event, Woolgoolga under 14 but Coffs Harbour were too strong in under 11, 12 and 13.

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