Elizabeth Ruthnam, CEO Baringa Private Hospital

QUESTION: Elizabeth, tell us a little about Baringa

ANSWER: Baringa provides exceptional clinical and personal care to our patients. We have medical & rehabilitation, theatre & surgery and mental health services.

Q. Do you have outpatient services?

A. Baringa provides outpatient and day patient rehabilitation at Baringa Rehabilitation.

Q. What's the plan for the future?

A. Well we have just opened a fourth operating theatre for vascular and (in the near future) cardiac angiography and we have some new plans we will be publishing very soon.

Q. Are your services reserved for people with private health insurance?

A. Mostly our patients are privately insured. Many are veterans and there are some individuals who just pay for the services provided.

Q. What are the advantages of coming to a private hospital?

A. People choose for many reasons. Many of our patients come to a private facility so they do not have to wait for surgery. Many patients wish to choose their own doctor. A wonderfully popular reason is our food and hotel services.

Q. Do you get feedback from patients directly?

A. I read patient feedback forms every day. If there is something I need to attend to, I do. The comments are collated monthly and go to all staff so they too know what our patients are saying about our service. Additionally we have a Consumer Advisory Committee of patient volunteers who provide excellent feedback and advice about our current and new services.

Q. For you, what is the best thing about your work?

A. I think the wonderful thing about a career in healthcare is that, whatever our role in the organisation, we all get to look after sick (and well) people. This is special. Customer feedback is just as likely to be about our clerical and reception staff, hotel staff, and engineering staff as it is about our doctors and nurses.

For me, in my role, a great joy is to come to work and work with a variety of amazing people who are caring, progressive, enjoy their work and use a positive spirit to succeed.

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