Robbers linked to knife assault

IT has just been revealed that two boys allegedly involved in a Casino robbery have been linked by police to an assault in Parramatta last week.

A 16-year-old from North Parramatta and a 13-year-old boy from Merrylands have been linked to an assault in Paramatta last Tuesday where they allegedly held a man at knife-point, forced him into a car and drove him all the way to Casino.

The two boys are allegedly part of a group of three young bandits that were arrested this morning after allegedly forcing their way into a Casino home and tying up an elderly couple, threatening to stab them with steak knives before offering lollies to their surprised victims.

Shirley, 68, and Andrew Waterworth, 85, were watching television in their Jasmine Street home at 11am yesterday when the three males, thought to be aged between 12 and 18, broke in wielding Stanley knives.

The couple said they were not afraid during their ordeal, despite the boys threatening to stab them with steak knives taken from their kitchen, because they were ‘obviously amateurs’.

“It must have been their first job,” said Mr Waterworth. “I wasn’t afraid at all.”

One of the boys asked Mrs Waterworth if she had some ropes so he could tie them up.

“You should have thought to bring some with you if you wanted to tie people up,” Mrs Waterworth scolded him.

One of the other boys surrendered his shoelaces, which were used to tie Mr Waterworth’s hands to his chair.

They then attempted to tie Mrs Waterworth’s arms behind her back with wire, but removed the restraint when she complained it was painful.

“We don’t want to hurt you,” one said.

During the ordeal the eldest boy asked the couple if he could help himself to some lollies he had found in a tin.

The offenders then shared the lollies – green frogs and snakes – amongst themselves before asking the victims if they would like one.

They declined.

The boys also played with a toy train set before stealing the couple’s bright yellow 1989 Ford Laser sedan.

Mrs Waterworth, who was left locked in a bedroom, eventually freed herself and called the police.

The car was found by police in the Ocean Shores area about 3am this morning, where the youths were apprehended and arrested.

Police also allege the three youths caused malicious damage to private property in Ocean Shore and also smashed a window at the Ocean Shores Tavern.

The trio are expected to appear in Lismore Local Court this afternoon or tomorrow morning. They are each facing five charges and remain in police custody.

The third boy charged is a 14-year-old from Tweed Heads.

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