Editorial - Wednesday, December 2: Buy local for jobs

THERE'S no denying that as consumers in the "want it now" time-poor age of shopping, many people don't actively think about their spending patterns with local business.

From big business to online shopping, it is a matter of convenience.

Trade in small business nowadays, from what we hear, is vastly different to the rivers of gold that flowed throughout the 1980s-1990s.

Yet given the notion "a dollar spent in a local community spins seven ways", it's sensible logic to support small business where the point of difference will always be personalised customer service.

Business industry bodies have for decades impressed on government that small business drives the economy.

So are the right support frameworks, incentives and assistance in place to help with competitiveness against the power of corporate bulk-buying and cost-cutting?

On the other hand, reports that Australia's 900 biggest companies claimed tax deductions and exemptions worth $25 billion last year - enough to wipe out two-thirds of the federal budget deficit - are mind-blowing.

As shoppers we can't always support the local guy but, at Christmas where shopping is planned, can't consideration be given to buying local?

Send us your thoughts on buying local and the experiences you have had via the contact details listed at the top of this page.

Matt Deans,

Boutier the boss of Bonville

Boutier the boss of Bonville

Boutier inaugural winner of Australian Ladies Classic - Bonville.

Rain plays havoc with traffic

Rain plays havoc with traffic

Wet roads has again caught drivers out on the Coffs Coast.

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Last shout-out to Coffs kids

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