Easy peasy Crock Pot beef 'n' olives

GET dressed ready for work. While hair is drying get the crock pot out and start chopping!


  • Chop 2 onions into rings
  • Chop 2-3 large pieces of round steak into bite sized chunks
  • Chop up one red pepper, and one green pepper


  1. Whack it all into the crock pot on low heat and give a stir with one tin of tomoto soup with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar added
  2. Add one tablespoon of olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper to taste. Add 1/2 botttle of stuffed olives and stir
  3. Go to work and work really, really hard
  4. Walk into your home at the end of a long hard day and viola! An instant easy peasy crock pot beef 'n' olivesdish awaits for you and your family! Serve with a glass of red vino and crusty bread rolls

Coffs Harbour's Most Influential - Part 11

premium_icon Coffs Harbour's Most Influential - Part 11

The Coffs Coast Advocate lists the people effecting change

Mayor named Coffs' Most Influential

Mayor named Coffs' Most Influential

Results are in, mayor Denise Knight is the city's most influential.



Sawtell Cup sponsor has extra special interest in the race

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