Earthquakes no worry for surfers

NEWS of the three metre high tsunami off the coast of West Sumatra hit home on the Coffs Coast this week.

John Farlow and several other Coffs Harbour businessmen own a share in the surf resort Latitude Zero which lies 120 kilometres north of the earthquake zone.

Mr Farlow said fortunately the island of Telo, where the resort is based, escaped the fall-out from the 7.7-magnitude quake in the Mentawai Island chain on Monday.

“I’ve spoken to one of our business partners on the island and on Telo, they didn’t even feel the earthquake,” Mr Farlow said.

“I’ve had a lot of inquiries from friends, guests and future guests, so it’s a relief.”

The surf resort of Macaronis wasn’t so fortunate, copping the full force of the tsunami.

Mr Farlow said while the earthquake had made international news, he didn’t expect it have too much of an impact on tourism.

“To be honest, I don’t think it will lead to cancellations.

“Earthquakes off Sumatra don’t really affect the fair-dinkum surfers, but it might worry their wives a bit,” he said.

Mr Farlow said the Telo island resort copped a foot-high wave last year following the earthquake that devastated the port city of Padang.

“Even then we didn’t have cancellations.

“Our resort has been built to be earthquake and tsunami proof; that’s how we’ve set it up.

“If I had the choice I’d be back there tomorrow for a surf.”

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