Drunk man jailed for assault

A DRUNKEN assault on a woman has landed a Coffs Harbour man behind bars for nine months.

Brodie Peter Malineack, 21, has been sentenced to serve the prison term, after being found guilty of common assault and destroying property.

It has been proven in the Coffs Harbour Local that he assaulted a woman during an argument on February 14 about 2am.

The court heard Malineack arrived at the Coffs Harbour unit in an intoxicated state, yelling to the occupant to let him in.

The woman did so, telling him to go upstairs and stay with his friend for the night because he was drunk.

The victim in the case said he dropped a stubby of beer on the ground, which he had been drinking, before pushing the victim to the ground.

The court was told he then grabbed the woman by the throat. During the dispute, he threw a photo frame, which struck a television.

He then punched the victim to the side of her head, causing her to black out momentarily. Police were called by neighbours who heard the woman’s cries for help.

During questioning Malineack partially admitted to the incident, but said due to his state of intoxication he could not really remember what happened.

Police told the court the victim suffered scratches to her neck, a lump to her head and soreness to her chest and neck.

Malineack is also required to pay $300 compensation for the TV with $76 in court costs.

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