Police arrested the man.
Police arrested the man. Trevor Veale

Drug-affected fitter gives ambos, police tough time

PARAMEDICS and police copped a torrent of profanities when they helped a Beaconsfield man who ran into difficulties in Mackay city centre after downing three MDMA pills and drinking "f---loads".

An evidently remorseful Tyler Jordan Foale, 25, fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on November 5.

He pleaded guilty to public nuisance in the vicinity of licensed premises about 11am on October 5.

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson told Magistrate Damien Dwyer police and ambulance officers were flagged down when Foale was spotted sprawled on the footpath.

Foale's demeanour rapidly swivelled as he interacted with the authorities and he made a lewd and unexpected comment to paramedics attempting to stabilise his blood sugar levels with a particular solution. He was taken to hospital on the night, Ms Pearson said.

Foale told Mr Dwyer he'd been steering clear of the Safe Night Precinct and had since "pulled my head in".

He had apologised to police and planned to approach paramedics with similar sentiments.

Mr Dwyer, considering an early plea and lack of criminal history, issued an $800 fine.

No conviction was recorded.

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