COFFS Harbour is the Australian skydiving capital over the next five days, as more than 100 adrenaline seekers take to the skies for Coffs City Skydivers' Afterlife Boogie.

Fast becoming a world renowned festival of freefall and human flight, the Afterlife Boogie takes on a very special purpose in this its fourth year.

Steve Hill from Coffs City Skydivers said wingsuit skydivers will receive training from renowned Canadian instructor Rob Heron ahead of an ambitious wingsuit world record attempt in the United States next year.

Rob, a veteran of 7,000 skydives and 400 base jumps is widely regarded as a legend of the wingsuit, or what he calls "the art of human flying."

"The current world record stands at a formation of 68 wingsuits," Steve said.

"Rob will be on hand to instruct those taking part in that attempt, instrucitng them in mid air safety and the flying skill sets needed to be part of such a large formation involving so many people.

The Australian wingsuit record of a formation of 13 was set at the 2009 Coffs Afterlife Boogie along with two other Aussie records and a world record.

"A major focus for this year's event is involving the general Coffs Harbour community in our five-day festival, we will be sky diving into Jetty Beach and we welcome anyone to come down to our hangar over the weekend.

"Its a prime opportunity to get involved and do a tandem jump from 14,000 feet - the highest legal skydive in Australia.

Jumps begin over the skies of Coffs Harbour today ahead of a welcome party at the Greenhouse Tavern on Thursday night.

Jetty Beach sky dives will follow on Friday and Saturday at 7pm, open days at the Coffs City Skydivers airport hangar over the weekend and more beach jumps on Sunday at 11am.

"When it comes to the skies age is no barrier, the youngest we have taken is 14 and the oldest is 92," skydive instructor Lawrence Hill said.

"The Afterlife Boogie is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in skydiving to rub shoulders with the cream of the Australian Skydiving community."

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