Coffs Couple driven out by hoons

SHANE Dale isn't normally given to dramatics, but he says he and his girlfriend might have to move house before they're killed in their sleep.

That's how bad street racing and hoon behaviour has become in Coffs Harbour's Donn-Patterson Drive, where speedsters are regularly coming to grief.

“We've had two cars come up to our fence not six metres from our bedroom window,” Shane said.

“It's just ridiculous. One day we're going to get taken out.”

Shane said there had been three accidents in his street in as many days, with as many as eight in the past 12 months.

On Wednesday night, Shane looked out his kitchen window and saw a car slide sideways onto the wrong side of the road, mount the gutter and accelerate in a failed bid by the driver to regain control, before the vehicle smashed into a pole.

Shane heard the crunch as he ran out his door and jumped the back fence to check if anyone was hurt.

“I asked the two guys and the girl who got out if they were okay. They said they were, and then they ran away,” he said. “I rang the police.”

Shane says the smashes are happening at all hours of the night and mostly after rain, and he described the dangerous practice of some louts who 'drift' up and down the street, pitching their cars sideways for as long as they can.

“A lot of the residents in the street are families with children and pets and elderly people.

“The police have been great in stepping up patrols and issuing fines, but they can't sit there 24 hours-a-day, and the problems are escalating.”

Shane reckons the installation of traffic islands will sort out the offending drivers, and he plans to seek the help of Coffs Harbour City Council.

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