Dramatic event was like a scene from a movie

BRAD Milne will never forget the extraordinary events which unfolded before him at Park Beach yesterday.

The 19-year-old rushed onto his Vincent Street veranda at 9.40am when he heard what he assumed was a car accident, he was later told a car had rammed a police vehicle.

Then, he saw a policeman land on the road behind his red patrol car. The officer staggered to his feet as a green Ford station wagon handbraked, turned around and sped back towards the officer and his car.

"The car was going too fast, so the copper ran into a yard and hid behind a fence," Brad said.

He saw the car then smash through a brick wall in the same yard.

Then the officer told the man to get out of the car. Brad saw the policeman raise his gun and point it at the driver still behind the wheel, and fire two shots at the man.

"The man hopped out of the car and pushed the copper and threw something at him. It was an object he'd plucked from a wheelie bin he'd just knocked over," Brad said.

"That's when the cop used capsicum spray.

"The copper was hurt, but what kept him going was adrenaline. He was yelling 'call for back-up'. I rang 000 and I told them shots had been fired."

Police swarmed into the street. The officer, who Brad said was by this stage holding onto his arm and legs, was taken from the scene in a police wagon. The other man was also taken away.

"I didn't know what was going on. It was like something out of the movies. I've never seen anything like it. It was intense," Brad said.

"There were up to 20 cop cars here at one stage."

Brad, a cadet manager at Big W, has lived in Vincent Street with his parents for two years. He said yesterday's ordeal had frightened the life out of him.

"I've only just come out of hospital with chest problems. This can't be doing me any good," he said.

The street, which was cordoned off as a crime scene for most of yesterday, was a hive of activity as detectives, forensics investigators and other police went about their work.

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