Dorrigo open to visitors again

AS FAR as Dorrigo locals are concerned Tom Richter scored quite a few brownie points during the floods. The new owner of the Dorrigo Newsagency managed to keep the newspapers coming into town, in spite of the Mountain Road being closed to traffic from Tuesday night to Sunday afternoon.

“We only missed getting Wednesday's papers,” Mr Richter said.

“I made a 3am start on Thursday and Friday and drove the long way around via Cascade.

“On Saturday I got a courier to bring them around and by Sunday the local ranger managed to get them up the mountain.”

Nonetheless yesterday Dorrigo residents were relieved to hear the road had been re-opened and very happy to see the sun.

“It's been very quiet here all weekend,” owner of Lick the Spoon, David Scott, said.

“Mind you, there were quite a few locals out and about.

“We got quite a coffee thing happening, there was a great sense of community.”

One local said he actually enjoyed the floods.

“We're fine up here - we're on top of the hill, it all washes away.”

Bellingen Shire Council crews worked throughout the weekend to clear more than a dozen landslides, at least six of which were quite large, that had slid across the Dorrigo Mountain Road.

The road was re-opened at 5pm on Sunday afternoon with two sets of traffic lights directing traffic around damaged sections of road through the Gordonville Cutting and above Sherrard Falls.

Motorists are being asked to drive carefully

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