Dorrigo mourns toddler tragedy

SADNESS, helplessness and devastation are overwhelming emotions in Dorrigo this week.

This plateau community is devastated by the death of little Callum Beaumont in a farming accident on Wednesday.

His death follows a string of tragedies to befall the town and residents are doing all they can to support yet another family struck by grief.

Prior to this terrible tragedy, the quiet rural town has had to cope with two fatal accidents and a deadly helicopter crash all since December last year.

The St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Dorrigo will overflow with mourners on Monday.

They will file into the church just before 11am for Callum’s funeral.

The three-year-old died in a hay-baling accident on a Shepherds Road property at Bielsdown Hills, south-west of Dorrigo.

Young Callum had been in the cabin of a tractor driven by his mother, 32, who was engaged in hay-baling contract work on the property with her partner, 38.

Police said she noticed a bale of hay had become jammed in the baling machine and before she got out to check she told her son to wait in the cabin.

Her partner came over to investigate the problem and at some stage Callum hopped out of the tractor and was crushed under the hay baler.

The youngster could not be revived despite the frantic efforts of his anguished parents.

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