Don't let mishaps spoil the party

PARTY TIME: Planning takes most of the risk out of the office Christmas party.
PARTY TIME: Planning takes most of the risk out of the office Christmas party. Mike Knott BUN101016BURNETT6

WHATEVER the size of your business throwing a Christmas Party is a great way to reward staff and finish the year with a bit of fun.

Unfortunately sometimes these events can take a turn for the worst so it's important to make sure your expectations are clear.

Remind employees your code of conduct and other related policies apply at out of hours functions.

You should plan ahead, take precautions, be prepared for anything and follow a few strategies to make sure things run smoothly and safely.

Manage alcohol.

Giving staff tokens is a great way to control the amount you are providing and make sure there's plenty of non-alcoholic drink as well.

Providing food will help reduce alcohol effects but be sure to find out dietary requirements so there are plenty of options available such as gluten free and vegetarian.

The venue is important.

Stairs are risky when alcohol is involved so your HR officer should visit to complete an assessment.

While you cannot predict every poor decision employees may make take reasonable efforts to ensure no one drives while intoxicated.

It's a good idea to have management at the exits to spot employees who should not drive.

As long as an employer plans and takes precautions they can avoid a disaster at the Christmas party. 

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