Traffic park ave.. 06 july  2016.
Traffic park ave.. 06 july 2016. Trevor Veale

Don’t double park, council warns

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Park Ave shoppers are being urged to use alternative parking in the CBD rather than double park and wait for an on-street space, which is adding to congestion in the city centre.

“We totally understand that the temporary closure of the Harbour Dr and Gordon St intersection for necessary upgrades is causing increased traffic congestion around the CBD, and we very much appreciate the patience the community has been showing as this work moves forward,” said the council’s director of sustainable infrastructure, Mick Raby,

“Deviations are in place and one of those is to direct CBD traffic through Park Ave.

“Unfortunately, the traffic flow is often impeded right back to the Pacific Hwy at peak times by shoppers double parking outside Woolworths and halting the free movement of vehicles along the road.

“We would ask shoppers to avoid blocking the traffic flow and instead use the nearby multi-storey car park or a vacant space elsewhere.”

Drivers should also be aware the police and council rangers will be patrolling Park Ave and the penalty for double parking is $248.

Anyone going to a destination east of the highway beyond the CBD is also reminded they can use Albany St or OrlandoSt instead.

The intersection of Harbour Dr and Gordon St has been closed for 10weeks (weather permitting from June 23) while the roundabout is removed, traffic lights are installed and drainage works completed.

The primary aim of the changes is to help reduce the risk of flooding in Harbour Dr, as the current road levels and configuration of the intersection hold back stormwater heading towards Coffs Creek from south-east of the city centre.

Replacing the roundabout with lights will also help provide a better balance in the CBD between the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, cars and commercial vehicles.

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