Letter to the Editor - January 10: Safety comes first

IN RESPONSE to reader Leon's letter (CCA 03/01 "Just Plane Wrong"), while Tigerair would like to apologise to all passengers on board flight TT7672 to Coffs Harbour on December 28 who were subsequently diverted to Brisbane due to a significant weather event in Coffs Harbour, we would also like to take this opportunity to remind readers that safety is and always will be Tigerair's key priority.

Coffs Harbour experienced significant weather on December 28 which impacted all aircraft operations, not just Tigerair. Around the time of TT672's approach into Coffs Harbour, significant rainfall (which was localised and slow moving) occurred at the airfield for a period of approximately 90 minutes. This reduced the visibility below the minimum required for airline operations using the navigation aids of Coffs Harbour Airport and, following an extended waiting period, resulted in the diversion of TT672 to Brisbane.

Other non-Tigerair aircraft were also required to divert to other airports.

Complimentary water and hot beverages were offered to customers on board the flight and a standard inflight service was provided on the Brisbane to Sydney return sector. Please note that we do also issue food vouchers for extended ground delays.

Tigerair regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of this weather event but please consider that safety is a top priority for both the airline and our customers. As such it will never be compromised.

Adam Rowe,
Commercial Director,
Tigerair Australia

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