THE 16th Annual Coffs Ocean Swim is just around the corner and entries have now opened.

The 2014 Beachside Radiology Ocean Swim, scheduled for March 30, is one of the largest single swimming events on the North Coast.

The swim caters for all ages and skills with the Beachside Radiology 2000m swim, the ANZ 600m Jetty Swim, the Coffs Harbour Olympic Pool 150m and 300m Junior Swims, all of which are to be held at the protected Coffs Jetty Beach.

Event director Mick Maley said that the Coffs Ocean Swim is an "iconic community" event for the region and that anyone can enter it.

"The great thing about these events is that people do not have to be fast or elite to participate," Maley said. "It doesn't matter what their age or their ability is, as long as they come along, enjoy the experience and go home with a smile on their face that's what it's all about."

"It is great to see the numbers increase from year to year and Jetty Beach is a beautiful location to enjoy the experience of ocean swimming," Ocean Swim marketing manager Michelle Gilbert said.

"Beachside Radiology staff have committed to participating in the various swims and are looking forward to the challenge."

The event is on track to exceed the $13,000 from this year's event. Money raised from the swim will be distributed to charities and various surf clubs involved in water safety.

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FULL SWIM AHEAD: The 2014 Beachside Radiology Ocean Swim will return to the Coffs Coast and is expected to be a major draw card for the area. PICTURE: ROB WRIGHT

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