Disorderly lady heard

A DRUNK and disorderly episode outside a Coffs Harbour hotel earlier this year has led to a local woman explaining her actions in court.

In a case before the local court, Sandie May Dean has been found guilty of resisting police, behaving in an offensive manner in a public place, using offensive language and failing to quit a licensed premises when excluded.

The charges relate to an incident at Grafton Street on February 13 at 1.40am.

Police told the court the 23-year-old was spotted by patrolling officers using her shoes to damage a Perspex display board outside the Coffs Harbour TAB.

Officers approached and attempted to question the woman.

The court was told she began screaming in a loud voice and swearing at officers as she walked along Grafton Street towards the Coffs Harbour Hotel.

After demanding she stop, police placed her under arrest.

She then swung her arms in an attempt to break free from police.

A friend of hers hindered police and the woman fell to the ground, attempting to kick police while continuing her tirade of abuse.

Security guards from the Coffs Harbour Hotel helped police restrain her.

Hotel staff told officers the woman was asked to leave the venue due to her intoxicated state at 1.20pm.

Police told the court she failed to follow this order by walking back inside the 50 metre exclusion zone.

Her legal defence said alcohol was the major factor in her behaviour.

She was found guilty and fined $826.

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