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Disgusting moment worker spits in customer’s food

THIS is the disgusting moment a worker spits in their customer's food before hurling it at them and leaping on the counter.

ShaeLynn Madplume said she stopped at sandwich deli Pita Pit in Missoula, Montana, with a group of friends at around 2am.

They tried to order wraps but were confronted by a hostile member of staff who "didn't want to be at work".

It is unclear what started the row, but the clip begins with the unnamed employee asking: "Do you want me to?"

A female customer bangs her fists on the counter and says: "Do it. I f****** dare you."

The employee opens the wrap with her fingers and spits inside, making customers gasp.

The customer then jumps onto the deli counter and throws food at the woman, who throws the wrap back at her and says: "Yeah, come at me. Why don't you get outta here?"

When challenged, she tried to justify herself by claiming the store was closed and she wanted to go home.

ShaeLynn later posted the footage on Facebook where it has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

It prompted a grovelling apology from the store's owners, who claimed they fired the staff member on the spot.

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