Disasters tame the sceptics

NEW Zealand’s earthquake is already having an impact on the climate change debate.

When those tectonic plates shifted last Tuesday and caused glaciers to drop chunks of iceberg into Tasman Lake, the scientific world clicked into gear and began making investigations and taking samples, even while rescue squads were still heading to the Christchurch CBD.

Not to mention those who moved hastily to score points on Labor’s disaster levy, confusing it with this nation’s immediate urge to lend a helping hand across the ditch.

The biggest problem with environmental calamities and climate change issues is the desperation of competing factions to politicise them.

Human senses can interpret what’s going on around us with the overwhelming majority of the sensible and aware having certainty our planet is undergoing something quite weird.

Universities from Oxford to Carnegie, marine research facilities in every first world country – even the rocket scientists at NASA – have all released independent, definitive proof the world’s climate is having a severe case of the yips and that homo sapiens are playing a part.

Yet climate change sceptics and deniers keep bleating away, declaring this data is ‘junk’ science with little more to back up their claims than the money paid by lobbyists with covered-up connections to power and energy groups . . . especially those in the coal industry.

Like the infamous Dr Goebbels, the Satan of ‘spin’ who showed if you vehemently deny what is self-evident and tell the biggest lies over and over again, eventually you’ll hoodwink an otherwise sensible majority.

Climate change evidence is pervasive.

So is the rapid change phenomenon which probably makes the human race more susceptible to natural disasters – floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. – than at any other time in recorded history.

It doesn’t mean we should all join the ratbags carrying signs proclaiming the end of the world is nigh or start believing the balloon goes up on December 21, 2012, last day of the Mayan calendar . . . which is the latest buzz-date for the apocalyptically inclined.

But maybe Rudd the Dud shouldn’t have done his cowardly climatic back flip and the Mad Monk should be told he’s full of crap when he uses that word to dispute the truth in what science and Mother Nature are trying to tell us.

Soon after I arrived here in 1985, the late Bobby Burns took me outside R and R Carpets and pointed out Coffs Creek which he said when he was a boy, used to carry deep water timber barges right up past the Catholic Club toward Red Hill.

“It’s silted and changed so much, one day we’ll get massive storms and it will flood the town centre,” he predicted.

Twice in the next quarter century, actually.

Bob also reckoned the Coffs Coast is on the tail end of the cyclone belt and that one day . . .!

Feel how much inconsistently hotter, cooler, wetter, drier . . .it is.

Has recent wildness in the atmosphere convinced you something big is happening around us – or do you need more evidence?

Express yourself to greg.white@coffscoastadvocate.com.au

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