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Director reads Chris Pratt speech verbatim: big mistake

THIS is James Gunn, you may recognise him as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy.

He's also quite big friends with its star, Chris Pratt. 

For some inexplicable reason, Gunn agreed to read out Pratt's acceptance speech at the Saturn Awards for best actor (he was unable to attend in person). Verbatim.

Around half way through he realises this wasn't a great idea (scroll down if you want to skip the transcript and just watch the video):

James Gunn is the future. He's a genius. I tried every day to do just one thing, give myself over to the creative vision of the same man who is up there on that - he spells 'there' wrong - on that stage now, accepting this award on my behalf. It is truly appropriate for James Gunn to be on that stage in front of all of you. He is, and always will be forever, my trusted leader and friend.

And ladies, he is single, I think. Right? Are you? We haven't talked in a couple of weeks. Doesn't matter, he is single tonight.

I'd like to open the bidding at $1 for James. Haha, is he blushing? James, are you red? Ask the audience if you are red. Wait, you have to read this verbatim because if you don't, that's illegal. My name is James Gunn, am I red?

What did they say? Text me.

I love you James - it's not a speech anymore - Chris Pratt loves me; my dreams have come true. Chris Pratt loves the troops. Vote Trump. Haha, you're fired! Love that show. But seriously, God bless America, and God bless James Gunn.

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