NO LAUGHING MATTER: Dougie offers to tell three jokes for $1 in Mooloolaba.
NO LAUGHING MATTER: Dougie offers to tell three jokes for $1 in Mooloolaba. Cade Mooney

Hear the one about Ivan Milat?

HE HAS slept on top of Uluru, was once given a lift by "backpacker killer" Ivan Milat and now travels Australia selling jokes to make ends meet.

You could say 'Dougie' has had an interesting life.

And you don't live a life like that without picking up a few good jokes along the way.

Which is why the surfer/wandering jokester who prefers to go by just his first name was plying his trade on Mooloolaba Esplanade, selling three jokes for $1 with the guarantee "you'll laugh or your money back".

There's the one about the dog with steel testicles; the difference between a car full of politicians and a pineapple and he has a full armoury of blonde jokes that, he admits, have earnt him a few slaps across the face.

"I love it. The people here are really friendly," Dougie said.

"The surf is definitely the best part. We don't have any surf in Alice Springs.

"A good friend of mine passed away a few years ago and I'm not really able to cope that well with it, so I'm just walking."

That's what he's been doing for the past four years since he left Adelaide and walked up to Alice Springs, then on to Darwin, Three Ways (NT), across to Townsville and south along the coast.

The jokes don't pay all the bills, but Dougie says they help.

He says the $43 camping fee at Mooloolaba cost more than his tent, so he was planning to set his swag up on the beach for the night on Friday after a couple of beers at the Mooloolaba Beach Bar and Grill.

Despite the sleep on top of Uluru costing him a $320 fine, he said the view next morning was worth it.

And what about that brush with the infamous "backpacker killer" Ivan Milat?

"I was sitting in a bar and watching the news as they were taking him into custody and I said to the bar lady 'I know that guy, he gave me a lift hitch-hiking'.

"She bought me a beer and nearly cried.

"I had no idea who he was. If I did I would have kicked his arse," he laughed.

Dougie has been well supported by the people he has met on his travels but says Nimbin was the most welcoming.

"It's not about the marijuana; it's just the simple fact that they're friendly and honest. Nimbin rocks," he said

His worst experience was in Tasmania, where he bought a busking ticket for $13 only to be moved on by police after just 10 minutes.

Later, he hit the jackpot in Townsville where a man came out of the casino and offered him all of the money in his pocket if he could make him laugh.

Dougie did and walked away with $633 worth of cash and casino chips.

Despite falling in love with the Coast, he wasn't sure where he would be going next ... or when.

"I could be here or in Brisbane tomorrow; I'm not sure yet," he said.

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