Did PM’s complaint shut my Twitter account?

WAS it the comment about the public being smarter than Gillard? Or the reference to defence budget cuts Or the line about the unplugged black hole?

A Battery Hill man believes his Twitter account has been suspended over comments he made about Julia Gillard and defence budget cuts.

Glenn Dirix said he received official notification from Twitter on Wednesday that his account had been suspended for 48 hours.

Mr Dirix, who regularly uses social media to make political comments, has previously been raided and questioned by the Australian Federal Police.

He is currently facing seven charges of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Although his Twitter account remained suspended last night, a social media search showed comments from his Twitter account which referred to the defence budget being cut, a $132 billion public service, and Julia Gillard as a "pyramid selling ponzy scam" wizard. Others could not be published in this newspaper.

The mowing contractor, 53, said he believed the Federal Government had not appreciated his latest comments.

"I think this government has got more of an influence over what people say... particularly if you are influential," he said.

Mr Dirix said his Twitter account had been suspended once before after someone complained that he had called her a clown but he did not think he had tweeted anything lately that warranted suspension.

Police allege he sent an email to 206 politicians and broadcaster Alan Jones on June 27 last year saying someone should shoot Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan.

Mr Dirix made a brief appearance in the Caloundra Magistrates Court yesterday on the charges, seeking to have the matter de-listed.

He said he had decided to change lawyers because he was not satisfied with the representation he had received for the $3000 he had spent on legal fees during the last four months

The matter was remanded for mention in court again on May 16.

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