Dentist reassures young boy tooth fairy hadn't forgotten him

A dentist has reassured a Xavier Webb that the tooth fairy hadn’t forgotten him, when he teeth went missing from a jar in the kitchen.
A dentist has reassured a Xavier Webb that the tooth fairy hadn’t forgotten him, when he teeth went missing from a jar in the kitchen.

A DENTIST has reassured a little boy that the tooth fairy hadn't forgotten him, when his teeth went missing from a jar in the kitchen.

When someone in the Webb family loses a tooth, they place it in a jar on the kitchen windowsill ready for the tooth fairy to come overnight and leave them a small amount of money.

But lately the teeth are actually going missing and no one knows what is happening.

Seven-year-old Xavier had enough of this when his teeth went missing on the weekend and wrote to the tooth fairy saying "I want money now," with a photo of the fairy stealing his teeth.

The same thing happened to his older brother Owen, who also had two teeth go missing from the same windowsill.

Xavier wrote to oral health therapist Colette Berlin asking what was happening with the tooth fairy.

When Ms Berlin heard about Xavier's dilemma, she responded straight away to reassure him he hadn't been forgotten, it was simply a case of the changing season and it appears the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers had something to do with it.

"Oh my goodness me. What sort of tooth fairies do you have in Toowoomba? They have taken the teeth but left nothing in lieu? You've got to be joking?" she said.

"I truly can not believe this is the work of a tooth fairy, it must be an imposter. Or a rebel tooth fairy.

"Immediately on opening hours tomorrow morning (I can not divulge what that exact hour is as it is top secret known only to a select few) I will have stern words with the managing tooth fairy of the Darling Downs and get to the bottom of this outrageous and incompressible situation."

The tooth fairy revealed to Ms Berlin that it was a seasonal matter, easing Xavier's mind.

"Could you please let Xavier know that it could simply be a seasonal matter. During springtime, especially in Toowoomba with the extra blooms and blossoms present with the Carnival of Flowers, sneezes and snuffles can severely hinder a tooth fairy's orientation and dare I say level of concentration," she said.

"It may have been that the tooth fairy responsible for this job was struck down with hayfever mid-retrieval and was unable to fulfil her duties in one clean and crisp trip."

Xavier's older sister Nancy Webb said she didn't know what was actually happening to the teeth and it was odd that they kept disappearing.

She thought it was kind of the dentist to reassure her little brother that the tooth fairy hadn't forgotten him. 

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