Demerit of system is debatable - mp

COFFS HARBOUR MP Andrew Fraser says the State Government is only 'tinkering at the edges' with changes to the demerit points system.

Lower level speeding offences are now defined in 10km/h bands, with the number of demerit points dropped from three to one for motorists caught exceeding the speed limit by up to 10 kilometres.

Mr Fraser said the Government was reacting to bad publicity over large numbers of people losing their licences.

“The reality is if you want safer roads and better roads, it comes down to (driver) training and better policing,” Mr Fraser said.

“They should be looking at where a court overturns a fine because of someone's good driving, but the demerit points can't be removed.”

Mr Fraser said the demerit points system had been 'far too onerous' and the changes weren't addressing road safety issues.

However, NRMA president Wendy Machin said the new regime would be fairer without sacrificing road safety.

“The NRMA has been calling for a fairer system because someone doing only 1km/h over the limit would lose the same points as someone doing 25km/h over,” Ms Machin said.

“If you got booked doing just one kilometre over the limit on a public holiday you would lose half your licence. The NRMA has long said that's too harsh.”

NSW Roads Minister Michael Daley said the new scheme would make the system fairer for motorists, and safer for road users.

“There is no such thing as safe speeding, but we acknowledge the system could be fairer, which is why we are lowering the number of points for the lowest range speeding offences,” he said.

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