Living Gems Toowoomba resort.
Living Gems Toowoomba resort.

Demand drives expansion of Toowoomba retirement resort

AN OVERWHELMING demand for retirement resorts in Toowoomba has forced a developer to expand its approved facility in the city's western suburbs.

Living Gems has submitted plans to the council to add another 22 dwellings to its existing resort on South St in Glenvale, after reaching an agreement with the ChristLife Presbyterian Church to buy a portion of its land.

Along with the new houses, general manager Adrian Puljich said new and existing residents would be treated to even more entertainment options.

"This is to cater for the demand we've seen in Toowoomba," he said.

"We've added additional facilities, like a 10-pin bowling alley and a gaming parlour.

"It's to benefit new buyers and the ones that have already bought in - over 50 per cent of the village has been sold.

"Half the resort is now occupied, so within two or three years most of this should be done."

Living Gems Toowoomba is one of several retirement resorts or villages being developed across the city, and Mr Puljich said it was important to have the right supply of homes and attractions.

"For retirees in Toowoomba, the demand for quality product and spacious facilities is high," he said.

"There are a selection of facilities in Toowoomba, so it's important the right balance is achieved for facilities offering this sort of product."

One of the other major changes with the expansion would be an increase to the number of roll out stages, four to 23.

Writing to the council on behalf of construction partner Ruby Developments, RPS Group's Ben Walsh said the expansion would include seven more home designs, all either two or three bedrooms in size.

"We anticipate whole-scale amendments to the conditions of approval to reflect the additional development footprint and yield, the updated technical reporting, site plan and staging plan," he wrote.

"In this regard, amendments to conditions have not been addressed on a 'per condition' basis with the expectation the entirety of the conditions package will be aligned to the updated site layout and yield."

The council has yet to respond to the proposal with an information request or decision.

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