Mum gives judge attitude about having to go to court

A CUNNAMULLA woman got a stern response from the magistrate, after her attitude was questioned in Chinchilla Magistrates Court.

Victoria Scrimshaw pleaded guilty last Thursday after a search performed by police on July 8 in Chinchilla, revealed she unlawfully had in her possession two glass pipes, that were used in connection with smoking a dangerous drug.

Scrimshaw has previous drug history in 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2016.

Magistrate Tracey Mossop questioned in court whether Scrimshaw's attitude was due to the fact she thinks she can get away with just a fine for using these sorts of implements, or if it was something else.

"I've just got things to do today and I've got my son at home," Ms Scrimshaw said.

Ms Mossop gave her a simple solution to that problem.   

"Don't get caught with dangerous drug implements and then you don't have to come to court," she said.   

Scrimshaw said she used the drugs for medical reasons and argued that because they are grown and not man-made, the drugs should be legal.  

Ms Mossop gave her this reasoning: "Let me tell you a story, there's people that supply cannabis that lace it with methamphetamine, and you may or may not be aware of that but guess what, it happens." 

"So, you just think you are having a plant that is illegal, but you could in fact be having something else."  

Ms Scrimshaw was given a firm warning to lose the attitude, and that if she kept coming back before the court, the penalties were going to continue to rise.

She was convicted and fined $800 for her actions.

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