Deep Sea Fishing Club news

FINALLY a day good enough to water ski, and that usually means not much in the way of fish.

This might have been the case for some, but others enjoyed some great angling with catches of mulloway, pearl perch and teraglin.

Long-time member Bill Mabey admitted rather sheepishly that he had never caught a teraglin since coming to Coffs, so, after swapping a trag mark for his best samsonfish location, Bill and brother Ian ventured past their usual boundary on Saturday to the trusted spot, which produced a nice brace of fish.

Hope that sambo mark is just as productive when I get a chance to use it.

Tangles was at it again on Saturday as well, drifting aimlessly near Bullocky - as you do while untangling - when deckie Roger called out in time for them to witness a 2m black marlin skipping across the surface heading straight for the harbour mouth.

Tangles hoped it would latch on to his livey swimming out the back but, if it had, it would be a question as to which knot would let go first.

The highlight of the weekend, though, was the sight of Full Noise getting a workout again.

Must have been some unknowing visitors offering to pay for the fuel; that's about the only way the boat gets a run these days.

The club's washed-out November comp will be held in conjunction with the ham run on December 16.

Species will be decided at Monday's committee meeting starting at 6pm so watch this space for all the info on this combined event.

Game fishing:

Top tuna boat from the Hot Current tournament was at it again this week but this time Rosanna, skippered by Glen Bosworth, put Rob Aitchison in touch with a nice black marlin - estimated at 100kg - popping a tag in to finish the day's play.

Most satisfying given they were using one of Bozie's home-made skirts as well.

Next comp is today, weather permitting; sked boat is Still The Boss.

If the comp is on then the tackle buy/swap night will be held as well.

Don't forget the members' children's Christmas party on tomorrow from 11am-2pm.

Pre-registering is essential for this free party, with entry for ticket holders only.

Get yours now from the club office or by phoning 6652 1534.

- Ian Kemmis

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