Deb Frecklington against Australia Day change

A LIBERAL MP has come out against the prospect of an Australia Day date change, staunch in her opposition to what she called the "watering down" of the national holiday.

Nanango MP Deb Frecklington posted a video to her public Facebook page today, calling on Queenslanders to sign a petition to "protect Australia Day".

The move comes only one week after the city of Fremantle in Western Australia opted to hold national celebrations of the day on January 28, two days after the traditional, and current, date. 

On the City of Fremantle's website, it states it is not opposed to celebrations on January 26, but has opted to hold its celebrations on a different date to be culturally inclusive.

MP Deb Frecklington said she wanted to protect Australia Day in its current form, maintaining the day should remain at its current date.

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In the video, Mrs Frecklington urged those watching to sign a petition to "save Australia Day".

"People across Queensland celebrate Australia day strongly and proudly and in many different forms. Sadly it seems this Labor gov has been caught out trying to water down, or even move Australia day," she said.

South Burnett Regional Council mayor Keith Campbell said it was unlikely the South Burnett would follow Fremantle's example and that the council would stick with the current date unless advised by higher levels of government.

"The reason for that is because the traditional significance of the 26th of January is the date that's always been used and communities around the region are well advanced with their arrangements for next year," Cr Campbell said. 

"It has certainly never been raised with me as something that is required in this region and simply because one area in WA does it, is no reason at all for the South Burnett to consider doing the same."

A spokesperson for the Palaszczuk Government said the claims made by Mrs Frecklington were untrue and another state-wide program of events and celebrations were being planned for Australia Day. 

"Australia Day is an important event for all Australians," the spokesperson said.

"It's an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be Australian and it is also an opportunity for families, friends and communities to come together."

South Burnett

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