REVIEW: Numbered tells death’s legacy of life

EVEN in their darkest days bestselling romance authors Amy Andrews and Ros Baxter still found light in the pain of their mother's breast cancer.

A couple of years after she passed away, the time and distance gave the sisters a new perspective that inspired them to write their latest novel, Numbered.

Numbered is by Amy Andrews and Ros Baxter, published by Harlequin Mira, rrp $29.99, available from bookstores and online.
Numbered is by Amy Andrews and Ros Baxter, published by Harlequin Mira, rrp $29.99, available from bookstores and online. Photos Contributed

The novel follows the story of Poppy Devine, a mathematician and many-time loser in love, as told through the eyes of her boyfriend Quentin and best friend Julia. They begin to navigate an emotional journey when Poppy is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.

Poppy aspires to cross off her old bucket list and start living, turning her energy into determination.

The list includes travels through Paris, Italy and Tuscany and sleeping in glass igloos under the Northern Lights - adventures both Amy and Ros have aspired to do themselves.

The novel doesn't shy away from raw emotions, making the reader feel sadness, anger, love and laughter.

This is articulated through the authors' own personalities imbedded into their characters.

Ros said she enjoyed writing the voice of character Quentin. He is much like a male version of herself.Julia's sassy and devoted character is a combination of Amy and their mother. They draw on their mother's favourite quotes and sayings in Julia's personality, creating a personal memoir to their mother, who was always their inspiration.

The pair said writing Numbered together was almost like reading a new book itself. The plot was planned, but as they alternated sending each other their continued character chapters, the book began to grow and find its own voice.

Numbered is a novel about living. An inspirational journey about life, it makes you think about what would you do if your days were numbered.

Ros and Amy's top romantic bucket list escapes:

  • An overwater bungalow at Bora Bora
  • Sunrise at Uluru
  • A gondola ride in Venice
  • Staring up at the Northern Lights from a luxurious glass igloo
  • Staring out over the rooftops and sparkling Mediterranean Sea in Mykonos
  • A hot air balloon ride over the pyramids in Egypt
  • Sleeping under the stars on the roof of a 4WD in the middle of nowhere
  • A freshly prepared local meal, sipping wine and overlooking a vineyard in Tuscany

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