Editorial - Saturday, May 30: Helping hand for a local

DAVID Stevens is a man who has worked tirelessly for his community, and in his hour of need, it is reassuring to hear how his many years of service are being paid back to his family.

The heart bleeds for anyone who faces this situation - the cruelest fate of life.

In the true measure of the man, David, by all accounts, remains incredibly upbeat.

Acknowledging how many lives this man has touched in the community and touching on his incredibly positive mindset, those who know him best say there is no surprise at all that he remains brave in the face of uncertainty.

It defies understanding to even try and imagine what it is like to be in that position.

So from a community point of view it is so vitally important David in his final days sees the return on his many great deeds throughout his lifetime.

As a community, Coffs Harbour has the opportunity to say thank you to David Stevens and to reassure him his family will be supported.

David has been the man who has shared Christmas with Coffs Harbour and it's time for the community to repay this gift.

- Matt Deans, Editor



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