Samantha Armytage and David Koch are the co-hosts of Sunrise. Picture: Channel 7
Samantha Armytage and David Koch are the co-hosts of Sunrise. Picture: Channel 7

Why Kochie was almost fired from Sunrise

DAVID Koch might be one of the most well-known faces on Australian television these days, but he once came very close to losing his plum breakfast hosting gig.

Speaking to New Idea, the Sunrise host revealed his opinionated style of presenting didn't go over well with his boss in the early days.

Kochie's position in the breakfast chair was only supposed to be a temporary situation - he was called in on a three-month contract to replace former host Chris Reason after his cancer diagnosis - but ended up staying on.

"After a year, the then-managing director of Seven approached the board to get me fired because they thought I was too opinionated," he told the magazine.

However, the board decided to keep him on. "Thankfully, I'm still here!" Kochie said.

In fact, Kochie has managed to hold on to the job for 15 years now, and is credited with helping to pull the once-struggling Sunrise out of the shadow of its Channel Nine rival Today.

"Fifteen years ago when we started, we were 10 per cent of the Today show's audience, and we reeled them in 18 months," he said.

"At breakfast, you can't be beige - you've got to make people think and laugh."

Kochie co-hosted the breakfast show with Melissa Doyle for 11 years, until she was replaced with former Weekend Sunrise host Samantha Armytage in 2013.

The Sunrise team.
The Sunrise team.

In September, he opened up about his long-time job, admitting it was "a bit of bulls**t."



The popular TV personality had cameras follow him around all day with an edited version showing on Sunrise this morning.

The video featured Kochie turning up to the office at 4.30am before revealing everything from what he eats for breakfast (a cheese omelette) to how long he spends in the make-up chair (a solid four minutes).

After filming the breakfast show, the 61-year-old host heads to the gym for a quick personal training session before working on his other journalistic commitments.

By 4.30 in the afternoon, Kochie has a bit of downtime, deciding to head to the house of fellow Sunrise host Mark Beretta, who had been injured in a waterskiing accident, to deliver a care package.

As a "Day in the life of Kochie" came to an end, the cameras cut back to the Sunrise lounge where his co-hosts couldn't help having a dig at the video package.

"That was a very interesting day," his co-host Sam Armytage told him.

"Yes, you're very interesting. It's a revelation," Edwina Bartholomew added.

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