Dating style: What's yours?

UNDERSTANDING your personal style can make life easier and help you determine what type of partner you'll be most compatible with. So what style are you?

It goes without saying that your approach to dressing can reveal a lot about your personality. Some women feel incomplete unless their look is polished to a high shine from head to toe, finished with the perfect handbag for the occasion and just the right number of bangles.

Others dream of the day when they can step into a Jetsons-like chamber that grooms and dresses them in seconds, eliminating the need to spend another iota of their attention on physical appearance.

Both approaches to life and style can be considered a manner of expressing self-confidence. The polished woman enjoys preening and pampering her body because she feels she deserves it - and she does! The casual woman is satisfied to project a down-to-earth persona and likely spends as much time as possible engaged in the activities that interest her.

That said; men often express a compatibility preference toward a certain personality type.

Conversely, understanding your personal style can make your life easier and help you determine what type of partner you’ll be most compatible with.

In the meantime, here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure which group you belong in.

1. How would you dress for a date if you could wear anything you wanted to?

The polished woman often has expensive taste, and prefers to be wined and dined at a posh Batali restaurant. She adores flaunting chic little suits with feminine details and pencil skirts paired with silk blouses. The casual woman, however, yearns for comfort and simplicity. A picnic at the drive-in is just her speed, and if she could, she’d wear her favorite jeans and a V-neck tee every day.

2. How do you feel about designer logos?

Visible logos repel the casual cool woman—and a man looking for an easy-going gal. She’d never consider toting a colorfully emblazoned Coach or Dooney & Burke purse. If you’re asking yourself right now, “What’s Dooney & Burke?” you’re probably more of a casual gal. The polished woman would love to receive the most visibly luxurious purse on the market from her partner as a symbol of his generosity and devotion to her.

3. Do you follow trends and purchase trendy clothing?

The polished woman may have her own sense of style, but her look always reflects the chic and contemporary, and she seeks a partner she’ll look equally stylish next to. She keeps up with fashion trends and chooses her favorite looks each season, frequently shopping for new clothing.

The casual cool woman has little use for trends and may even avoid prints and bright hues entirely, opting for solid basics that mix and match with minimal decision-making on her part. Her ideal partner will share her affinity for comfort and convenience in his wardrobe.

4. Would you ever wear the same article of clothing two days (or more) in a row?

If you’re casual, you’ve already answered, “Why not? Who’s paying that much attention?” It may be a stereotype that men don’t notice what you’re wearing, but if your date expresses educated appreciation for that Nanette Lepore sheath you’re wearing, polished woman: you’ve met your match.

5. If you got a tiny stain on your outfit, would it drive you crazy until you changed?

This is a polished woman’s pet peeve. She will probably part ways with a stained garment, as well as a new love interest with a laizzez faire attitude toward a stained or torn shirt. The casual gal isn't going to sweat a small imperfection quite as much.

6. Would you advise your partner on how to dress?

For the casual woman, the idea of dressing her man holds no allure. This doesn’t mean she won’t care about her partner’s appearance at all, only that she’s more likely to choose a mate whose style doesn’t offend her.

Polished women enjoy embarking on “fix-up” projects, which extends to men whose sense of style they deem questionable. They’re obviously best matched with individuals who are open to this kind of critique—and believe us, plenty of men are, as long as it’s done with sensitivity.

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