Shocking dash cam footage of the Geelong Ring Road crash.
Shocking dash cam footage of the Geelong Ring Road crash.

DASH CAM VIDEO: Internet divided over who is at fault?

SOCIAL media users are divided at who is at fault over shocking video footage posted to Dash Cam Owners Australia. 

The video, posted on Sunday, shows footage of a truck hitting and pushing a car along the Geelong Ring Road, South Bound last Saturday. 

"Woman was ok but a bit shocked," wrote Steve, who shared the video with the Facebook group. 


Social media users couldn't agree with who was at fault - with many arguing that the car was in the truck's blindspot and others said blindspots didn't matter, insisting it was still the truck driver at fault. 

Scott Graham wrote: "All you professional truck drivers that actually know nothing!

"There is no way that truck driver could see that car, he's probably traveling in the right lane due to all the merging lanes, he doesn't have to keep moving over or slowing down, it is a b-double!

"Even after he connected he still wouldn't have known he was there until he seen the smoke from the cars tyres!

"Do not sit in a trucks blind spot, it's not rocket science it's common sense!

"EDIT, For the record the truck is at fault but it's both drivers responsibility to be aware of surroundings."

Matthew Squadrito argued,  however, "Not sure why people think colliding with a vehicle because it's 'in your blind spot' is some kind of defence for your actions - You ALWAYS make sure the lane is free and safe BEFORE merging. If you aren't certain, don't merge. This is driving 101." 

"If you drive a truck you need to be more careful because you're more likely to kill someone with your big rig." 

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